Thermoforming Moulds for PUNNETS

Om Engineers design and manufacture quality moulds for Punnets. We offer a wide range of moulds and also possess the ability to provide moulds according to specifications. Punnets produced from these moulds are long lasting, strong and at the same time feature a soft texture. These Punnets are breathable and possess the capacity to absorb access natural moisture.

We offer Thermoforming Moulds to manufacture:

  • No Partition Punnet
  • 1-Partition Rectangular Punnet
  • 2-Partition Rectangular Punnet
  • 3-Partition Rectangular Punnet

Om Engineers offer Punnets in standard as well as customizable sizes. The standard sizes include 5”x 7”, 5” x 10” and 6” x 8”.

Thermoforming Mould for punnet
Thermoforming Moulds for punnet
Thermoforming Moulds for Punnets
Thermoforming Mould for Disposable Punnets