Thermoforming Moulds for Lids

Om Engineers manufactures precise Thermoforming Moulds for machines manufacturing lids. Those belonging to the FMCG and hospitality sectors can benefit immensely from our moulds. These moulds are designed to serve for a long time and result in accurate products. As these lids are mainly used for food and beverage products, certain specifications like quality, food-grade material and microwave-safe can also be considered.

Om Engineers excels in manufacturing Thermoforming Lid Moulds to suit:

  • Round Glasses
  • Round Bowls
  • Round Cups
  • Square/Rectangular Containers
  • Square/Rectangular Trays
  • Square/Rectangular Punnets

We also offer custom-made moulds to match your previously manufactured glasses, bowls and other products. We manufacture Thermoforming Moulds for lids in the sizes Dia. 56, 60, 69, 71, 81, 85, 94, 117 and 5”x 7”, 6”x 8”, 5”x 10” etc. Apart from the above-mentioned standard sizes, our team is equipped to ensure compatible lids to meet your existing portfolio of products.

Thermoforming Lid Moulds for Glass
Thermoforming Lid Moulds
Thermoforming Lid Moulds Machine
Thermoforming Mould for Bowl Lids
Thermoforming Moulds for Bowl Lids
Thermoforming Mould for Disposable Lids