Thermoforming Moulds for Bowls

Due to globalization and media exposure, Indian taste buds are now exposed to world cuisine. With this exposure, the demand for specialized bowls to ensure different delicacies are served in an apt manner has increased. Om Engineers understand this demand and thus manufacture Thermoforming Moulds for bowls of various sizes and shapes.

Om Engineers manufactures the following Thermoforming Moulds for disposable bowls:

  • Round Bowls
  • Yoghurt Bowls
  • Dairy Bowls
  • Take-away Bowls
  • Fruit Bowls
  • Cheese Bowls

These bowls are offered in standard sizes like Dia. 95, 110, 117, 120, 150 and can be custom made as well. All bowls manufactured from these moulds are homogeneous and designed to perfection. They can be utilized across industries especially those related to the hospitality sector.