Thermoforming Moulds for Meal Tray

Thermoforming Mould for Meal Trays

Caterers, Take-away restaurants, Fast-food joints, Railways and other similar entities constantly are in need of disposable trays to serve their customers. Indian appetite, eating habits and meals differ from state to state, thus the trays need to be adapted accordingly. Om Engineers offers Thermoforming Moulds for machines that produce meal trays. These moulds come in standard sizes as well as can be built according to specifications.

Our Thermoforming Moulds for meal trays include :

  • 3-Partition Meal Tray
  • 4-Partition Meal Tray
  • 5-Partition Meal Tray
  • 6-Partition Meal Tray
  • 8-Partition Meal Tray

These Thermoforming Moulds can be used to produce portable, sturdy and leak-proof meal trays. These trays are easy to carry and use. Its economical nature ensures that its use is productive for the manufacturers as well as end users.